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User:Oop/Some budget data

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I try to collect some background data for the WCA budget that could help us to decide, which numbers are real and which are not.


What are the budget sizes of WCA member chapters, which ones of them are financially independent from WMF and what might 5% of the budgets of the last category be?

Amongst several proposals for financing WCA, the most concrete up to now has been that we'd collect 5% of the member chapters' budgets. If we can sum it up by the preliminary data, we have at least some idea, what might be the upper limit for WCA's expenses until we acquire some additional revenue sources.


Office rent in Brussels[edit]

We could benefit from an estimation of the rent of small offices in Brussels.

Executive pay levels in Brussels[edit]

We could also use som idea about how much do executives get in Brussels.


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