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Greetings from the desk of: OMC 4/ π ≠ 2: One Room Schoolhouse, Gunnison, Colorado, U.S.A.

Orschstaffer is a school project[1] of Orsch, who request that Orsch be entered into Wikipedia, a working draft is established at here. The image thumbnailed to the right and sized to 160px was uploaded 01:48, 24 June 2012, via the Toolbox → Upload file.


  1. This school project is an experiment of a Gunnison, Colorado, U.S.A., non-public school in the Gunnison Watershed RE1J, consisting of a creative alternate education style science-biology inter-language inter-wiki Wikimedia Foundation type exercise

Voyager 2 Article

A paragraph from the w:Voyager 2 article reads:

The Voyager 2 spacecraft is a 722-kilogram (1,592 lb) space probe launched by NASA on August 20, 1977 to study the outer Solar System and eventually interstellar space. Operating for 34 years, 11 months and 9 days as of today (29 July 2012), the spacecraft receives routine commands and transmits data back to the Deep Space Network.

Is it possible for some computer wizard to make this a counter that keeps track of the operation time in real time?