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  • A MoU was signed with Andhra Loyola College (ALC), Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.
  • The first ever Wikipedia Education Program (WEP) in Telugu at ALC helped in digitizing about 30 different Public Domain books and many other CC-by-SA licensed books donated by various authors. A total of 12 students helped digitize over 2000 folios on Telugu Wikisource.

July 2015 - June 2016[edit]

  • 11-13 January 2016 - In Telugu Wikipedia Workshop, 10 Telugu department students participated in order to learn to create accounts in Telugu Wikipedia. They also learned how to create and improve articles in Telugu Wikipedia.
  • February 2016 - Conducted 3 days workshop to Telugu Department students in which Student Wikipedians also participated. During the event, students created accounts in Telugu Wikisource and learned how to use Google OCR tool. Using the tool they learned, Students digitized more than 750 pages in Telugu Wikisource.

July 2016 - February 2017[edit]

  • August 16-18: Workshop conducted to 56 students in ALC during Pushkaram holidays. More than 50 student Wikipedians got training on basics of Wikipedia and encyclopedic style of writing. Please find report over here. Telugu Department students participated and improved articles in Telugu Wikipedia.
  • September 11-14: Dr. Kola Sekhar and Pavan Santhosh participated in learning session about basics and advanced concepts in creating a quality pdf from hard copies. Scanned nearly 2k pages & 10 volumes of Bible bhashavali series of Fr. Jojayya.
  • November 18-20: Organized Wikisource Workshop in ALC. Nearly 20 students participated and learned techniques and procedure to proofread digitally on a wiki environment.
  • November 19: Conducted a session about bridging the gender gap in Wikipedia & other Wikimedia projects. CIS-A2K representatives Ting-Yi and Pavan Santhosh organized the session for nearly 40 female students. Some of them were already participated in at least one of the Wikipedia sessions/workshops. Survey related to bridging gender gap was taken place in this session.
  • November 25, 26: Organized follow-up for Wikisource workshop, where students learned advanced skills in proofreading and digitizing in Wikisource.
  • November, December, January: proof-reading sprint after college hours (i.e., 3.30-5 PM) Students applied the knowledge they learned in Workshop. They proof-read nearly 2000 folios, i.e., 9 books in Telugu Wikisource.
  • February 8: Event marked #Freedom in Feb campaign was conducted in ALC in which Authors who released their Telugu Books under CC-BY-SA license were felicitated by Mr. Mandali Buddha Prasad, Deputy speaker of Andhra Pradesh and Dr. Samala Ramesh Babu, Cheif editor of Ammanudi magazine. This event also marked the completion of the first phase of proofreading sprint in which Telugu Student Wikipedians completed the proofreading of more than 10 books and 3500 pages in Telugu Wikisource.
  • February 8: Telugu Department of ALC and CIS-A2K started next project to digitize complete works of luminary Telugu writer Gurazada Apparao in Telugu Wikisource.