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Kio faras vin feliĉan tiu semajno? / What's making you happy this week?[edit]

Wiki loves love is a rather active entry this week on Wikidata.

Viki amas amon, Wiki loves love, विकी प्यार को प्यार करता है, ويكي تهوى الحب, and you can find it already translated in more than 50 languages on the corresponding Wikidata Q52286144 item, all that in less than four days. Seeing so much effort to foster love, that for sure is a good reason to be happy. Please be bold in adding more translations, and help to spread more love across the movement and beyond.

But wait, what is Wiki loves love (WLL)? It's an international photo contest which aims at documenting love testimonials through human cultural diversity. From monuments to ceremonies, from miscellaneous objects used as symbol of love to tender gesture, let's show to the world how mankind express love everywhere and in so many ways.

Interested to help? We are actively looking for people wanting to join our team and foster love in the Wikimedia world and beyond. Help from experienced people in other Wikimedia photo contests or other Wikimedia international projects would be especially useful, but all good will will be welcomed with warm love!

You can also provide your feedback and proposal to help in one of the following place:

Special thanks you to Romaine and Rupika for their great efficient outreach work! You can help too, spread love, share WLL: in social networks, in your chapter, in your user groups, in your family, in your neighbourhood, because you know they all deserve more love!

If you love this initiative, but don't have much time to help, please show your support to this project, just edit the Meta page and copy/paste at the end of the section the following wikitext # ~~~~.