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Some search tips.

Browser extension - For highlighted text searches[edit]

Both are open source, and highly configurable.

1 or 2-letter URL bar searches - For typed searches[edit]

This will enable you to search any wiki (or other website) by typing "1+ character" and "your search term(s)", directly into the browser address bar.

E.g. I often type things things like m foo or w wp:VPT or mw keyword, for quick access to a search at meta-wiki / enwiki / mediawiki-wiki.

  1. Right-click in any site's search box, and select "Add a keyword for this search".
  2. Type a letter (or word) in the "keyword section.
  1. Go to your Settings -> Search engine tab.
  2. Click the "hamburger icon" next to the site you want to change, and change the keyword to something shorter than the default.
Alternative cross-browser method - Bookmarks
  • This enables sharing across browsers/computers.
  • Technically, each is just based on creating a link/bookmark for https://....../w/index.php?search=%s
    • You just need to:
      1. Do a search at the site for foo
      2. bookmark that link
      3. edit the bookmark's URL to replace the foo with %s
      4. Then add a letter or two, into the "keyword" box
    • E.g. A Google bookmark such as would get: 20 results, without [extra] censorship, and defaulting to English. Hence, I can type g 42*42+42= to use their calculator function.
    • E.g. A Meta-wiki search for: pages with "abstract" in the title, only in English, in 4 specific namespaces =