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This page is linked from my comment in Stewards/Confirm/2021/Rxy. Please let me know if there are any significant omissions and/or incorrect translations, as I cannot translate each and every sentence in all the pages (far too long).

A rough timeline (dates in UTC):

  • 2020-04-16 At jawiki sysop ぱたごん's talk page, rxy said "I, rxy, as a user of jawiki, am distrustful of your recent actions. Therefore, my judgement is that you are not eligible as a sysop and a bureaucrat of the Japanese Wikipedia, and hereby recommend you to resign as jawiki sysop and bureaucrat. Of course, you can ignore this recommendation. In that case, I will go through an RFC process, and if needed, I open a consensus check for RfDA process."
  • 2020-04-16 ぱたごん promptly responds and agrees to resign.
  • 2020-04-16 A few hours later, rxy starts a local RFC on his actions above; 10 hours after the RFC starts, since some users raised concerns over rxy's comment to ぱたごん, rxy decided to resign from jawiki sysop and go through jawiki's RFA process again.
  • 2020-04-16~2020-04-23 Q&A period of the RFA. After that, voting period of the RFA started on 2020-04-23.
  • 2020-04-24 In an unrelated village pump post, rxy mentioned that they have reported several users who commented on the local RFC to the Trust and Safety team.
  • 2020-04-25 ミラー・ハイト, one of the users who commented on the RFC, voted against rxy in the RFA and left a comment. That is "I might vote to support when candidacy is the situation after some term, because I was positive evaluation as an activity of a sysop in past. I why said so, I heard a ぱたごん as a sysop have many mistake, but context of related with outboarding from a sysop in suddenly, and reporting to the team I never heard such as "T&S team" until now (Is that disclosable? and Am I target of a report of that?), also very heating up at a SNS. I voted to oppose due to I can not clearing to feel a suspection to okay for having a sysop permissions "in now"." rxy, in response, mentioned: "Currently I have Steward permissions, and if I were hot-headed person with kind of type as abusing a rights then I would have already abused Steward permissions in inappropriate and imposed a global lock or maybe other indefinite blocks on you. It is good for you that I am a person who does not act with those permissions by completely separated with role between personal feelings. Of course, you are one of the users included in my report to the T&S team. However, you do not need to be scared. If you think you did not do anything against the terms of use, then nothing will happen. If it is determined that there are actions against terms of use, the results could range from warnings to global bans or reports to law enforcement authorities. However, in this case I seems probably nothing will go further than alert in maximum estimate."
  • 2020-04-26~2020-04-30 This was taken as intimidating users from voting against rxy in the RFA, and the RFA was closed on 2020-05-01 with 13 support votes and 27 against votes.
  • 2020-04-26 rxy apologised regarding the comment on 04-25, and mentioned that they will not take down the report to T&S team, since they still feel they are being harassed.
  • 2020-04-30~2020-05-02 There were several more comments on the RFC; no further actions at this stage.
  • 2020-05-23 On Infinite0694's RFB (Request for bureaucratship), rxy voted support while stating some concerns over Infinite0694's actions in 2016.
  • 2020-05-23 Marine-Blue mentioned at the RFB's talk page that rxy's comment does not look to be a good comment since rxy voted support while giving mostly negative comments, and hence does not seem convincing.
  • 2020-05-23 4 minutes after Marine-Blue's comment, rxy replied (on the same talk page) "I will report to the T&S team." 4 minutes after that, rxy added: "The guideline does not mention that when one votes support they cannot mention their apprehensions. I conclude that this is a malicious action that intimidates free commenting, and is a harassment against the terms of use, hence I will report to the T&S team."
  • 2020-05-23 When asked for the reason of telling Marine-Blue that they were reported to T&S team, rxy replied (on the same talk page): "If there is a sudden notification from T&S team they probably will be surprised, hence I disclosed it for their mental preparedness. Also, I no longer have any hopes on this community infested with such a suppression of speech. To defend my own rights, when there are actions of restricting other users' rights without legitimate grounds, I report such actions to T&S team. I make such judgements not by who did that, but by the content of the actions. You tell me to assume good faith, but assume bad faith on my actions. My 'personal opinion' is not recognised while you say 'recognise other users' free comments.' With these, I conclude that such a community without self-purification capacity can no longer achieve the project's main goals. If anyone concludes that a certain case is against the terms of use, please feel free to report to the T&S team."
  • 2020-05-24 Aiwokusai started a discussion for blocking of rxy, which was concluded on 2020-06-09 as blocking for 6 months.
    • Comments supporting a block: there are concerns on the "no longer have any hopes on this community" comment (by Aoioui); rxy's actions could be violating the local no legal threats policy (by Takayasu); "There seems to be a lack of calmness in rxy's recent actions [...] Appropriate reports to T&S team is obviously rxy's rights, but mentioning such reports with every little thing is also an exertion of peer pressure" (by Yassie).
    • Comments against a block: "The 2020-04-25 comment is a declaration of not abusing their rights, while disclosure of the report to T&S team is to prevent an impression of 'stab-in-the-back'. Reporting to the T&S team is a right of rxy when they feel harassed, regardless of whether they are a steward. There are concerns over whether rxy is suitable as a sysop or steward, but that should not affect the rights of rxy as a user." (by Takabeg); "Whether the reports are appropriate should be discussed on Meta-Wiki, and should not be a reason for blocking in jawiki. Though, since rxy disclosed that they reported to the T&S team, they are accountable for explaining their actions." (by Miraburu)
  • Afterwards, there are no edits by rxy on jawiki until 2021-01-20, when they reverted an edit (the edit reverted is clear vandalism).