IRC/Group Contacts/Meetings/July 2008

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Note: Log is available at /Log.
The meeting has ended

Some people believe that we have problems with the current activity level of our Wikimedia group contacts on freenode. Inactivity has led delays when decisions need making and it can be extremely tedious and long winded to get things done by the freenode staffers without consent from the contacts. It’s an important issue as we have a few different options that could remedy the situation. These are as follows;

  1. Ask JamesF and Seanw to relinquish their seats as contacts, appointing two more who are active within the IRC community and have the technical knowledge to do the job well.
  2. Ask JamesF to appoint a new channel contact, who is active in the IRC community and has the technical knowledge to do the job well. Both Seanw and JamesF would keep their positions and the new contact would be added as an extra “seat”.
  3. Leave in place the current contacts and persevere with how we currently try and find a contact, despite it often being difficult.

There may be other options, and these can be discussed at the meeting. Before we can get together, we need to organise a time to meet - the meeting is open to all members of the Wikimedia IRC community, not just ops. The meeting will be held on Sunday 27 July at 17:00 (UTC) in #wikimedia-irc channel.