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A User Guide to Seve Kim


  • Working Hours: M-F 09:00-18:00 EST
  • Preferred Meeting Times: M-Th 11:00-15:00 EST

Location/Timezone: Brooklyn, NY (EST)

Preferred Name: Seve (He/Him)(pronunciation)

How to talk to me:

  • Emails for planning/coordination
  • Slack for quick questions/updates/memes
  • Phab comments for task-specific updates/questions

(Optional) Things I like:

  • Pictures, doodles, and drawings over/in addition to text
  • Having fun at work to the point where it doesn't feel like work
  • Talking while walking (e.g. meeting over the phone sometimes)

(Optional) Things I’m bad at:

  • Being productive/useful after back to back meetings
  • Querying data
  • Calculating the split on a bill after eating with friends

(Optional) Annoying things I do:

  • Can come across blunt (WIP)
  • Have a very tight window for meetings
  • Transition quickly from small talk to existential discussions
  • Eat with my camera on

(Optional) Hot takes:

  • New York City is the best city in the world
  • Cereal first, then milk
  • Humanity will become better once the AI overlords take over

(Optional) Anything else you should know about me:

  • For me, socializing is energy-depleting rather than energy-generating
  • "I'm not wearing pants... I'm wearing shorts"
  • I have a newfound love for camping and surviving off of one bag