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My name is Senator Choko a Nigerian and a graduate of Mass Communication department, am a stakeholder in Igbo Wikimedia User Group,also a member of Afrika Baraza Production committee. I also won the most active Camper of the Year at Afroyanga Bootcamp 2023. A founding member of Wiki for Minorities in Nigeria.

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You get a TransVisibility medal Barnstar from us, for your great contribution in the TransVisibility Nigeria 2023 Challenge, and to the visibility of Transgender persons on the Wikimedia projects.

Onye ntụgharị Ukwu nke afọ 2022
Anyị n'ekele gị maka ọrụ ị na-arụ na Wikipidia Igbo. Daalụ maka ịtụgharị edemede karịrị otu nari. Ị mere nke ọma, jisie ike!

Tochiprecious (ṅkátá) 11:04, 28 Disemba 2022 (UTC)

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