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  • Intern project
  • Lang-lists for placenames, &c.
  • New fonts. R.Project.
  • Projection.


  • Incubators, Tides
  • Advice and Advisors
  • Models : (Int'l, multilingual orgs)


  • Coordination models : lj (single-dispatch), ravers(sf)
  • APIs for parallelizing tasks : RCP, other P, parcelling software
  • Feedback for steady progress-sense : WWW|N

Subproject development[edit]


Press, Marketing[edit]

Finding cheap ways to get out T-shirts, mugs, &c.
Reaching out to news orgs that express and interest
Making it easy to reach contributors for comment & interviews (cf. de, 
 Fragen der Süddeutschen Zeitung, etc)

Newsl et al

Division of Labor[edit]

Reaching out to people not currently caught up in a larger engine.

Dev tasks that languish for inattention: langXX.php updates and lang files to update
non-dev tasks for devs, reattribution of edits, ...

Technical Development[edit]

Efficient Scaling of Services[edit]

(services, not <particular technical feature>")

  • Identifying very cheap/scalable tools
  • Identifying key services provided, mapping services to tech features
Recent notes on Q3-4 hardware budget, efficiencies
80% solution: be great at 80% of features, for 10% the cost; graceful degrading
  • Editorial review (See also non-tech issues below)
diff review
  • Other tech plans, tar pitted and otherwise
Wiki HTML parser (10/03), transparent page renaming 
(see also MM's Editable_titles)
  • Identifying bottlenecks as the arise
Biggest en watchlists

DB upgrade[edit]

  • Schema update (better metadata/auditing, flags, normaliz'n)
    • See Language integration below



Clutch/Brion/El on ACLs & uni-db
Thoughts & Proposal on lang inegr8n.
  • Unilogins -- Single login et al.
  • Portals, Main Page and other splash pages
What to do with - conv + vote dead ca 2/2003
  portal dead ca 3/2004... all dead by 4/2005?


  • Ways for users to be part of the broader project and MW community
Newsletter & anncmt-mailing-list signups, persal fat on registration
Freshman dorms - places designed for newbies
Guilds - keeping assoc've grps to human-manageable sizes
  • Ombudsman network


  • Chapter and Verse
FA:chat 1, 2
Verein: ...
Other: (list)

Communication Channels[edit]

Mailing lists & communication[edit]

where are the multiling ones?  major annonces?
how about non-mls comprised of WM emails of people who want annonces?
Board & other meetings: Vereins-Chat(de), ...

Written Record[edit]

Coordinating writing things down, by group/subject area

Technical - wikidev, meta: pages, committee?
Grants - Grants, NEH recap?, NEH format
Translations - Translation procedures, Phrase-transl-lists (server downtime, php files, &c)

Global messages[edit]

  • News, for downtimes & annonces
[14|21:52] <_sj_> so maybe also a little "Wikimedia news" mesg
[14|21:52] <_sj_> available for inclusion on any project
  • Other rss feeds


  • ... of WMF pages, MW messages, etc
See Talk:Wikimedia Fundraising page, Wikimedia Fundraising page (Deutsch)
 Language files to be updated & Requests for languageXX.php update -- old reqs?
from Talk:Language files to be updatedSo long as the schedule remains unknown, the incentive is to rush out a translation for fear of not getting on the train in time, so to speak. This is particularly true of new language Wikipedias, for which missing an update cycle translates to a major diff. A-giâu 15:43, 19 Jun 2004
  • en masse, small and large
Translation reqs; older attempts: Election notice translations 2004
  • ... of Press releases, copyright notices & legal text
 Delicacy req'd; skilled prufers (w/suitable specialization) needed


Collected on-wiki[edit]

  • Referrers, most popular pages, editors by wiki by # of edits

User, Edit & Article Metadata[edit]

  • Local observations (non-bot, vandal; significant edit; peer-reviewed, featured, pov, facts disputed, protected, deleted)
  • Global obsvs (serious contrib, troll; ...; needs transl/editing/grammar/fact-chcking, prone to edit wars)


New thoughts: Default view of content, Default simple interface
see also WP 1.0, under #Grand Designs.

Statistics & Auditing[edit]

Requests for queries, db stats
Clickthrough stats (use 3d-party svc?)

Clean Policies[edit]

  • Editorial policy, vandalism, &c
summarized suggestions, ...
  • Copyright, trademark and their brethren
suggested intro changes
explanation of CC/GNU parallels & compatibility, other spectra
appropriate logo use
  • Resources and toolchains for organization & order
Tools for eff. communication and wiki-use (non-ml group-mail, ...)
Templates for subpolicies, orgal work

Occasional Beauty[edit]

Grand Designs[edit]

and other proposed projects

News a la Wiki[edit]

  • Wikews/Wikinews : El and Mav and ... like it. Suitable for past/pres/fut?

See also Wikidigest.

Dead Tree Wiki[edit]

  • WikiReaders : $5k in seed money from JW to individuals in Germany? Details...
 TomK spearheaded the de: project and 1st en: Reader. 
 Results: initial run of 1000?  printed 6/04? sold 300 by 7/04? all unsure.
 Thinking of ways to sell wholesale or at a slight loss now, 7/21.