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Feb 2009 : Walking through the various wikimedia tasks.

  • Editing : adding new information to the appropriate site. What does that feel like for the various sites?
    • Wikipedia : Add stubs, add refs to articles, review new policy discussion.
      Discover something interesting. Look it up. Not there? Add a stub.
      Curious about something, worth investigating... add references and tidbits to existing articles.
      Take an important article as a pet research project. Work on its good/level status.
    • Wikibooks : Look for a book related to a topic of interest.
      You generally won't find /exactly/ what you're looking for, and there is no canonical namespace to hold a stub... but you may find something relevant. Look for a featured book, read for interest.
    • Wikiversity : Look for a topic you want to learn / teach about.
      You generally won't find exactly what you're looking for, and there is no canonical namespace to add a stub. The necessity to figure out school/topic/page use is also disconcerting.
    • Wikispecies : Look for an organism or group you're interested in. Add images, names, and links.

Mar 2009 : continuing the above.

  • OTRS : check open queues. Filter spam, answer questions, pass on problems, explain what it means that anyone can edit.
    Give standard answers to those needing basic assistance. Help those who look like they might become contributors
    Identify problems and how urgent they are, know how to pass them on to the right groups/queues to resolve them.
  • Single-wiki cleanup : check RC newbie edits for confused new pages, vandals, spam.
    Check the logs to see how well other cleanup is being handled
    Visit newbies with red talk pages, welcome them
    Check cleanup pages for articles : Article review/deletion and undeletion
    Check cleanup pages for users : RfC's
  • Unified login tracking. Some patterns show up there that otherwise might not... perhaps nothing to them? Hard to know. Some monitoring on IRC.
<SULWatcher> Thanhphuong1997@viwikibooks: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:CentralAuth/Thanhphuong1997
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