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Drain the swamp is an inspire campaign idealab project grant.


Serious harassment thrives in an uncivil environment; New editors are greeted with an impersonal wall of templated warnings;

we need to cultivate people who can welcome new editors to the site.


incivility is widespread. w:Wikipedia:Civility wide flouted. processes are designed to bite, and facilitate biting. AfC is broken; NPP is broken; help desk is broken.

circles of civility are not broken: Teahouse is stable; Women in Red is stable; wiki loves monuments is stable; 1lib1ref worked.

presentation slides[edit]

action plan[edit]

  • develop a standard of practice using existing tools to welcome new editors
  • train people in the practice, using human resource management skill sets, and tools
  • monitor trainees conduct
  • measure improved new editor on boarding
  • measure increased new editor retention

standard of practice[edit]