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wikipedia approach to copyright & plargarism

  • Let's get serious about plagiarism [1]
  • Talking copyright with WikiProject Copyright Cleanup [2]
  • The copyright crisis, and why we should care [3]

copyright and plagiarism is a serious issue

WikiProject Copyright Cleanup takes a doctrinaire approach to copyright

they patrol new edits, and flag; they do not cleanup old heritage material

wikipedia engages in adversarial proscription, not collaboration


  • wikipedia is not serious about copyright: it has control issues; it is serious about "adversive leadership"
  • this is a culture problem we must overcome [6]
  • our praxis should be to :
    • do not respond
    • ask question at teahouse, or of editathon veteran
    • edit around the obstructing admin
    • cut & paste with extreme care - references; tables, lists; strip adjectives, adverbs
    • let your veteran ally take the block for you