User:Slowking4/root hog or die

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People gather round for my internet story,
Lot of work to do, but very little glory,
You come to fix the internet - make one article fly,
Admins will make you sing "Root Hog or Die!"

They'll send you endless banners, warnings, blocks
Tell you the one right way to knit your socks
Editing is not for the bashful or shy
Knowledge creation - "Root Hog or Die!"

You get to meet the finest curators in the world,
And the worst trolls freedom can behold,
That bite librarians, make the saints cry,
Community in sickness - "Root Hog or Die!"

You hunker in the basement by the glowing light,
Recalling all the meetups that showed the boldness bright,
Wikipedians of the year sing along and sigh,
Strategic consultations - "Root Hog or Die!"
public domain song Bobby Horton version