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Abuse is a bot run by Snowolf, that is basically a toothless version of Pathoschild's stewbot. All credit goes to him, I've merely disabled a few functions and made a couple of minor changes.

It sits #wikimedia-gs and #wikimedia-admin.


!help command
Displays concise documentation about the bot, or the specified command.
!help keyword Displays details about the bot:
  • !help access: information about command access, and a list of whitelisted users and operators.
  • !help commands: a list of commands, sorted by access level.
  • !help status: information about the bot's IRC and web connections and configuration.
!activity domain
!activity dbprefix
display dates of last edit, and last local sysop & bureaucrat actions by local users on the specified wiki.
!links ip
!links username
Provide relevant links for IPs or global accounts. For IPs, requests IP info from AsimovBot
!lookup language_code Looks up an ISO-639 1–3 language code in iso639db.
!showrights name@wiki List the specified user's local and global right-groups.
!bash literal search terms
!bash id
Display a randomly-selected quote from bash or bugzilla quips, the first quote containing the search string, or the quote selected by queue ID.