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— Entrepreneur and Data Scientist. —
NameDennis Priskorn
Time zoneUTC+1
CountryFlag of Sweden Sweden
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  • Wikidata
    • Lexicographic data
    • Front-end development
    • Write and run bots
    • Complete coverage in Wikidata of all DOIs and ISBNs found in sister projects.
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Dennis Priskorn - I'm an entrepreneur and student of software engineering with a focus on user experience in the Mid Sweden University. I have been part of the Wikimedia movement since 2008. During the past couple of years I have focused my attention on improving Wikidata. I have created a few free software Wikidata tools in Python (see my profile in Github).

Feel free to contact me.

Skill set[edit]

My skill set include besides what is mentioned in the babel box to the right:

  • Project management skills (both in theory and practice)
  • Skills related to Design Sprint 2.0:
    • Designing user interfaces with a focus on user experience
    • Building prototypes
    • User testing
    • Communication with stakeholders
  • Software development skills (both in theory and practice) see languages I have worked with in the babel box.
    • Data modeling
    • REST API design (both traditional and evolvable APIs)
    • Experience with data syncing, entity linking and reducing data friction between systems.
    • I have written an integration (in Python) between Sello and my Dolibarr ERP-system for business purposes which can automatically import new orders.
  • Data analyst skills
    • Experience with Pandas and Geopandas
    • Advanced use of grep, awk, tr, sed and a host of other command line tools to effectively transform data into a desired form
    • Advanced regular expression knowledge
    • Use of jupyter notebooks
    • Use of matplotlib for visualization
    • Advanced SPARQL and SQL skills
    • A lot of experience with API:s both documented and undocumented ones
  • Sysops: System operation skills
    • I'm working part-time professionally as a sysops consultant since a few years
    • I work mainly with GNU/Linux server environments
    • I have experience with malware removal, dependency management, upgrading and maintaining software.
    • I have experience with intrusion detection systems
  • Public speaking experience (I'm planning to hone that skill more in the future)
  • Group collaboration skills (I'm used to work in small groups with a common goal, my experience with being in a team in big organizations is limited)

Projects made from scratch by me[edit]


During 2022/2023 I was hired by the Intern Archive. My edits do not represent the views of this organization and I have not made any paid edits or similar during that period.

Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss any of my edits.