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Save the following code as CategoryNode.php in your extensions or includes directory:

* Contain the CategoryNode class
* Each Node maintain its parent, children Node and informations of self.
* @package MediaWiki
* @author Zeng Ji(
class CategoryInfo {
	var $category_id;
	var $category_name;
	function __construct($categoryId, $categoryName) {
		$this->category_id = $categoryId;
		$this->category_name = $categoryName;

class CategoryNode {
	// The data structure support:
	// 1. Each category node should has only one parent or not.
	// 2. Each category node could has more than one child.
	var $parent;
	var $children;
	var $categoryInfo;
	// This variable is used to guarantee: There is no loop in parent/child relationship.
	// After node is added to category tree, the variable should be set to true.
	// If one node's "hasTravelled" is true, it should not be processed any more.
	var $hasTravelled;
	function __construct($categoryId, $categoryName) {
		$this->parent = false;
		$this->children = false;
		$this->categoryInfo = new CategoryInfo($categoryId, $categoryName);
		$this->hasTravelled = false;
	function getCategoryName() {
		return $this->categoryInfo->category_name;