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Picture of the Hoover dam during the day from a nearby bridge

I am a student at the U Of Mn, Twin Cities. SKI-U-MAH!! I love playing Soccer and watching it but I probably enjoy watching the NFL the most of any sports league. I'll take the NCAA tourney over the NBA any day of the week. I am a long time patron of wikipedia but I have never really considered making edits except when a stub article pops up for a book I read or something but I've never been motivated enough to do it. I won't lie, I have messed with the Call of Duty Wiki before. I changed certain words to Rainbows, and Unicorns but come on that is pretty hard to resist. Plus the changes were so outrageous they were easy to fix. I also love reading so if you have any good suggestions hit me up. I also love traveling and have gone to many places in the US of A including the Hoover Dam. I believe I visited the dam sometime in 2011 or 2012 which is when the picture to the right was taken by me with a subpar smartphone.