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I am a normal user, I like translating, testing and writing pages as of today. I like sandboxing, please check my sandbox! See also What I write about what I write about and my encrypted code.

Meta page statistics[edit]

Meta has 110,789 pages and it's still coming larger. However, COIBot has over 507,146 subpage reports (not including 7 redirects), five times larger than the number anticipated.[1] If all the reports are moved to mainspace, the total article counts rises to 617,386, higher than a lot of wikis.

Meta contains statistics about Wikis. For example, List of Wikipedias. I also like watching Wikimedia News because it gives the impression of how big Wikimedia is.

Some stats about me[edit]

  • My work is creating pages about factoring the numbers. Unfortunately, this sandbox is cancelled and deleted, and I was blocked for a month. The old works (before September 2021) are listed here.
  • Most of my sandboxes is en:User:Thingofme/sandbox and vi:Thành viên:Thingofme/nháp
  • Unfortunately, I don't know if I violates en:WP:NOTHERE - a reason for TestWiki blocked.
  • My main wiki is Vietnamese Wikipedia, although I register an account in English Wikipedia. Most of my contributions are in this wiki, with over 3,700 edits. In Vietnamese Wikipedia, I have 750 edits. In some international (multilingual wikis), I mostly translate contents into Vietnamese. (so I like to translate, already!)
  • Sometimes, I import files from Flickr to Wikimedia Commons. However, importing process is somewhat slow and inefficient. However, if you want faster importing, I see the red message showing that you have reached the rate limit.

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