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Please import these templates from En WP. Please use Transwiki import process from Special:Import and make sure to import revisions too, please do not make cut-paste move

  1. Template:Copied highly required when you are copying text within the Wiki to respect CC-SA license
  2. Template:Tq stylization template, easy to quote someone in a discussion
  3. Template:Collapsible option needed to create templates
  4. Template:Location map map adjustment
  5. Template:Location map+ map adjustment
  6. Template:Location map~ map adjustment
  7. Template:MerchNominationAward Merchandise giveaways/Nominations mentions it, but it does not exist
  8. Template:Back to contents easy navigation
  9. Template:Top of page easy navigation
  10. Template:Skip to bottom easy navigation
  11. Template:URL needed to format web URLs