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Executive summary

CIS-A2K strongly feels that skill-building initiatives play a very crucial role to empower a Wikimedia community. In the Strategic plan June 2016 - July 2018, CIS-A2K proposed that we would gradually "move from the facilitator role to an active contributor towards skill building initiatives."

To become a self-sustaining community, a community needs leaders who can train others, or conduct and lead outreach, GLAM and other Wiki activities.[1] A community also needs Wiki-technical training for resolving various tech issues.

CIS-A2K continuously receive requests from Indic Wikimedians to conduct and support/power skill-building and other Wiki-technical training and this has been one our topmost priorities.

During this work-plan year also CIS-A2K will work on various community strengthening and skill development initiatives.

Over-all goal CIS-A2K proposes to conduct
  • 3 national level skill-building initiatives and
  • 10-12 regional skill-building activities[2]

Where we expect to

  • Involve at least 100 Wikimedians
  • from at least 8 Indic Wikimedia communities.
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Over-all goal[edit]

Best practices[edit]

Following the global best practices, CIS-A2K will

  1. avoid one-time activities: because on-time activities generally don't help in building relationship with an institution and often fail to fulfill the aim of bringing new editors, and specially editor retention, and that's why CIS-A2K would
  2. specially focus on follow-ups and follow-ups activities
  1. We received a large number of such requests on our request page, such as 1, 2 etc.
  2. Note, these initiatives are divided across language vertical work-plans