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Picture of a man holding a cat.
Tom Sulcer (moi) holding a kitty cat in Auckland, New Zealand. This kitty moved with its owner to Christchurch and was probably in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. I hope kitty is okay along with all the other Christchurchians!
Hugubuian spacecraft engine.

Who wrote this[edit]

On the job selfie, 12 feet up in a garage on a project to enclose PVC pipe.

I wrote this. My name is tom sulcer. I'm a handyman in New Jersey. I fix stuff. Study my photo and you'll see a person with round shoulders and a flat head: why? Ask me a question and I shrug my shoulders to indicate I don't know. Tell me the answer and I go oh and whack myself on my head which has flattened over the years—small aircraft try to land on it—luckily doctors are conducting clinical trials to fix the round-shoulders flat-head syndrome. So, how can I contribute here? Simple: I try to follow Wikipedia's excellent rules; I use references; I count on smart Wikipedians to catch my goofs. And I cross my fingers. Plus I contribute photos.

How to reach me[edit]

Best to write on my Wikipedia talk page since I monitor it regularly.

My wiki personality[edit] revamper, new article creator, AfD reviewer. Been here about eight-plus years. Still generally clueless about most things, which is disturbing, considering that my contributions (content + photos) have led to more than 200 million pageviews, easily, to the world's greatest encyclopedia and its sixth most popular website in November 2014. When Russian government authorities tried to shut down the Russian Wikipedia, online users went berserk and it was brought back. Wikipedia does not get enough respect in the academic world, but it really should, since it is an amazing project with terrific accuracy and currency and is being created as you read this. Don't believe me? Listen to Wikipedia being created!

A revamp[edit]

An example of a recent revamp of a Wikipedia article. The article on Self-publishing -- before my revamp and after my revamp. From about 20K bytes to 100K+ bytes in October 2017.

Okay, wtf happened...[edit]

I succumbed, yes somehow I got sucked into writing a science fiction novel which I have no talent for writing, which confirms that somehow writing for Wikipedia causes contributors to go gaga over sci-fi. Do we have Star Trek and Star Wars in our bloodstream? My goofy tale about a high schooler who builds a spaceship and flies to Betelgeuse and (sigh) meets sexy aliens, well, Jakk's Journey is getting good write-ups on Amazon/Kindle and if Wikipedians ask me for a free paperback, I might mail a copy.

Bored? Check out my videos[edit]

Wikipedia may not yet have an article on How to cure boredom but please don't despair -- you can watch even more boring videos to make it seem as if what had bored you previously was not so boring after all. May I suggest...?

Note: I plan to be making videos to illustrate the main ideas in my terrorism prevention solution Common Sense II so if people are interested in the ideas, then they don't have to buy the paperback or Kindle version but can get the gist in a jiffy.

What am I[edit]

A baby boomer. Like most members born after WW2, I think I am great, cool, amazing, a subject worthy of intense study such that I would plaster my own photo all over my userpage. But I realize my self-indulgent personality can be off-putting, so let's talk about you: tell me, what do you think about me?