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incl This editor holds an inclusionist philosophy.

Hello There[edit]

Hey there, I'm an physicist and engineer living in Manchester in the UK. I've been an wikipedia editor since early 2006. I'm also a musician.

Wiki Likes[edit]

I'm an inclusionist, so I like the expansion of wiki. I'm all for more content. I've written articles myself, and that to me is what Wiki is all about. Sharing the knowledge.

Minor Wiki Hates[edit]

Only two really. Vandalism, and advertising. Vandalism can be a funny thing, and I've seen some very funny satirical examples, but Wikipedia isn't the place for it. If you want Satire and silliness, then check out Uncyclopedia.
It's a well known fact that most articles on Wikipedia that are related to an entity are written by the people involved. In most cases this is acceptable (charities, non-profitmaking societies and the like). However I hate it when companies and websites just want to use Wikipedia as a free advertising hoarding. I won't hesitate to mark these for speedy deletion.

BIG Hates[edit]

International editors not understanding the relevant situations and taking the guidelines as defacto.

Editors manipulating the system to selfishly push their own point of view onto other wikipedia users

BOTS - Need I say any more!
Finally, there are some users, mostly from the United States of America, who have had a problem with me correcting them about the usage of the English Language, and also facts on Wikipedia that have been bent by users to support their own, and not a neutral point of view, to an extent of changing articles mid-debate to back their own argument. As a result of this, I have been accused of being in a cabal, Sockpuppetry, Meatpuppetry and had administrator-level investigations into my actions (to which I have been aquitted every time, and the malicious nature of the accusation noted). Just because I am supported in a debate by other users does not mean that they are in such a cabal, or Meatpuppets, that's not what any editor worth his salt is here for. We're here for the greater good of wikipedia, and not to score brownie points by editing for the sake of editing and having the best user page ever. After all, Wikipedia is an occasional hobby. I still have a life!