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Global Commitment[edit]

I will be strong hold to my commitments which are mentioned below :

  1. No new account(s)
  2. No controversial edit(s)
  3. No personal attack(s)
  4. No hat collecting
  • Info: It seems childish as above mentioned points are basic policies and guidelines of Wikipedia but since i might involved in above mentioned points. So that's why it's commitment to myself.


Unintentionally, I've involved in hat collecting in past but now i feel that if i'm in-need/ask of *any* user rights across Wikimedia Projects only when i am capable of it. I will use it honestly and loyally. I will try my best to be a helping hand. If I will not use my user rights in the last 3-6 months, Please ! instantly revoked it from my account without asking me.

  • Signed: — TBhagat (talk) 04:51, 18 January 2018 (UTC)