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This page is going to contain some information about presentations that I've given about Wikibooks or Wikimedia.

5 March 2008[edit]

The Wikibooks Paradigm for Collaborative Content Creation[edit]

(PDF). PPT and ODP formats are available by request.
I also have a Microsoft PowerPoint template file available upon request. Meta doesnt allow files of these types to be uploaded here, and I would rather not do some hackjob where I have to change the file extension, and then field all sorts of people's questions asking me why the file doesn't work, etc. Since I stole borrowed the theme from monobook, the template is obviously going to be released under the GFDL. The presentation itself is also available under the GFDL.
(AVI) warning: File is over 140MB
The video was taken with my small digital camera. The video quality is decent enough, although the audio levels are all very low. I will see if I can do something about that, but I'm not an accomplished video editor.
An introduction to Wikis, Wikimedia, and especially Wikibooks. The target audience is familiar with Wikipedia, but generally unfamilar with the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikibooks, or the free culture movement. The target audience consists of students and professors, so there is a strong focus on the use of Wikibooks in the classroom.
This presentation was given on 5 March 2008 at the Temple University department of Electrical Engineering. The audience ended up being relatively small due to an unforseen scheduling conflict. Because of the small size, the presentation given was relatively informal.

16 March 2008[edit]

The Wikibooks Paradigm For Collaborative Content Creation[edit]

(duplicate title, different presentation)

(PDF) PPT and ODP files are available upon request.
I also have PowerPoint template files available, if you like the formatting. The PDF, PPT, and ODP files are dual-licensed under GFDL and CC-BY-SA-3.0. The template file, which is obviously derived from Monobook, is released under the GFDL (and possibly under CC-BY-SA-3.0, I don't know if that's possible).
(AVI) Warning: Over 180Mb
There are a number of known problems with this video:
  1. Poor audio quality, including a known hum at 1kHz, noise below 250Hz, and a high-frequency hiss which I have not been able to isolate. Audio levels are very low, and need to be amplified. There are some points where the audio seems to cut out briefly.
  2. The video is sideways. It needs to be rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Easy for images, not so easy for video.
  3. The picture is a little shakey. I should have used a tripod or something.
  4. The video cuts off the first few seconds (my grand introduction), and it also cuts off the questions at the end. There were about 15 minutes of very provocative questions, and I would have taken notes if I had known the video wasn't going to catch them.
A high-level introduction to Wikibooks for an audience of professional technical writers. The audience is overwhelmingly familiar with wikis, including wikipedia. The focus of this presentation is on the logistics of the Wikibooks project, including some of the challenges that we face, and some of the solutions that we've developed (and are still developing) to make progress and to produce high-quality books in such a non-traditional atmosphere.
There are a number of things that need to be said about this presentation. I will either (a) post all the information here, or (b) find links to various places where I've written about it already, and post those links here.