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Who is roughly translated from my Ojibwa name (in Cree), Nevaahe. Its literal translation is "who?", and can mean "finding ones self". It is not obscure or an attempt to obfuscate my identity, it is "who" I am. My family tribes travelled with Blackfoot, Ojibwa, and Miami sometimes referred to as the Chippewa nations, and finally settled in Michigan in the early 1900's.

This page does not represent Who I am, it is just a page.

I have been using Wikipedia for some time for reference. I am a Wikipedia janitor and spend large portions of my day recategorizing, working on templates, improving and updating articles, as it is a good learning experience for myself, and a benefit to others in the whole.

I really enjoy this project, and have plenty of spare time. I am a 100% en:disabled U.S. Navy veteran. I am 100% disabled due to a back injury working on the flight deck of USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) and long term exposure to organic mercury, thus causing a higher-level learning disability, short and long term memory loss, and speech impetements. Working on this project helps me spend a majority of my time doing something productive.

I have bachelor's degrees in EET and CIS, and minors in CET. I studied several languages in my earlier years.


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