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{{User:Willscrlt/meta/Sign}} is version 3.1 of Will's user signature template, which works across all Wikimedia Foundation wikis.

This template is dynamic and adapts itself to various conditions. On the English Wikipedia (my home wiki), only the local talk page link is displayed. On Meta and Commons, the local talk page and the and en.books talk pages are displayed along with either the Commons or Meta talk page (the non-local one). On all other wikis, the local talk page link is moved to the last half of my name ("scrlt"), and explicit links to, en.books, Meta, and Commons are displayed (since I check for messages more frequently there). On non-English sites, the entire signature is wrapped in an English-language <span> wrapper. On Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, and other right-to-left script sites, the direction of my signature is set to left-to-right to avoid problems with punctuation and order. (If someone wants to help me actually translate the entire thing into a local language version, I'd be open to the suggestion!).

This template probably should always be substituted rather than transcluded (except in demonstrations). I have tried to keep the total size of my signature as small as possible while still accomplishing my goal of giving people an easy way to contact me. My default signature automatically substitutes the template by signing my messages like this: {{subst:User:Willscrlt/meta/Sign}}

If you find my signature or this template to be annoying or against some policy on a particular wiki, please leave me feedback on either the English Wikipedia or the Meta Wikipedia.

This is a representative example, not the actual dynamic content that appears on this wiki.
Willscrlt ( Talk |[[{{

subst:#ifeq:{{subst:SERVERNAME}} | ||w:en:}}User talk:Willscrlt| w:en ]]|[[{{ subst:#ifeq:{{subst:SERVERNAME}} | ||commons:}}User talk:Willscrlt| com ]]|[[{{ subst:#ifeq:{{subst:SERVERNAME}} | ||b:en:}}User talk:Willscrlt| b:en ]]|[[{{ subst:#ifeq:{{subst:SERVERNAME}} | ||meta:}}User talk:Willscrlt| meta ]])

Optional attributes:
  • |n to suppress the leading m-dash
  • |sigonly=y to display only the signature, without the talk links