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Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg   13 Nov 2008 Joined English Wikipedia
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg   28 Nov 2011 Returned to the English Wikipedia after real life busy
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg   28 Nov 2011 First edit in the article Rajinikanth, created Wikipedia user page
Commons-logo.svg   28 Nov 2011 Joined Wikimedia Commons
MediaWiki.svg   01 Dec 2011 Joined MediaWiki
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg   02 Dec 2011 Edited my native village Mudalur article
Template icon.svg   06 Dec 2011 First template, Twitter status is created
Commons-logo.svg   07 Dec 2011 First image uploaded in Wikimedia Commons
Commons-logo.svg   09 Dec 2011 Uploaded image for தமிழ் ஊடகப் போட்டி
Gnome-system-run.svg   26 Dec 2011 Authenticated to execute Wikimedia bots running at Toolserver
Symbol list class.svg   03 Jan 2012 First List of Vidya Balan awards in English Wikipedia
Crystal Clear app gimp.png   07 Feb 2012 Started working in Graphic Lab. 8 image requests fixed
Tireless Contributor Barnstar Hires.gif   28 Feb 2012 Barnstar award received for the Commons graphic lab work
Valued image seal.svg   04 Mar 2012 First Valued image promoted
MediaWiki.svg   21 Mar 2012 Submitted code patch in Python Wikipedia Robot Framework at Sourceforge repository
Gnome-system-run.svg   21 Mar 2012 Drafting Bot for Google Picasa web albums batch upload to commons
Crystal Clear app gimp.png   22 Mar 2012 Completed 150 image work tickets at Graphic Lab
Commons-logo.svg   25 Mar 2012 Batch uploads of photos Category:Operation Rising Star at 2008
Symbol star6.svg   28 Mar 2012 First English Wikipedia article created about Nathalia Kaur, an Indian-Brazilian model and actress
Gnome-system-run.svg   18 Apr 2012 code patch is Accepted and checked-in at SVN trunk revision=10135
Commons Autopatrolled.svg   23 Apr 2012 Autopatrolled user rights given as a token of valuable contributor in commons
MediaWiki.svg   01 May 2012 Completed bot script and submitted to Python Wikipedia Robot Framework patches