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Hello World,[edit]

I'm an early and curious user of wiki's solutions since the beginning of 2000's. Attracted by the success of Wikipedia. I first created an account on Wikitravel, than various accounts on different projects.

I have been teaching informations technologies in professional area and i use Wiki solutions in learning and educational approach then i "fixed myself" on french Wikiversité.

My native language is french, i speak simple English in technical way and i stay learning Portuguese for a few years.

Bonjour aux francophones,[edit]

L'essentiel de mes contributions est visible sur v:fr:Portugais, que j'ai créé et développé depuis 2007. Je participe également aux sujets qui gravitent autour de l'informatique en général.

Um abraço aos lusófonos,[edit]

Opa pessoal, estudando o idioma portuguese desde uns anos já, posso ajudar em traduções ou dar apoio para qualquer tarefa que não precisa duma grande habilidade com o idioma.

About Youni Verciti Bot[edit]

Youni Verciti Bot is developing two different tools


  • Bot object : Collect french vocabulary translated via the Prononciation(s) and Traduction(s) templates to create "Vocabulary Memo Pages" into foreign languages departments of Wikiversity.
  • Perimeter : French Wikiversity - Foreign Languages Dept.
  • Mode : Command line
  • Language : Python & PyWikiBot
  • Foo : v:fr:Portugais/Index vocabulaire/vcb Nom
  • Comment : It's a first user programming experience, from a game at the beginning it turns to a ambitious interwiki idea arround Wikiversity languages projects, Wiktionnary and commons. It has been stop due to a powerful Wikiversity user breaking systematcaly usefulls redirections.


  • Bot object: Monitoring namespaces uses, helping in namespaces knowledge, definition and usage. Edit weekly updated tables of namespaces content near contributors daily use. Reflection about Wikiversity organisation, trying to design or modelise a common or convergente organisation for "Wikiversties" projects.
  • Perimeter : French Wikiversity
  • Mode : Weekly execution via crontab
  • Languages Ptython with Pywikibot & Lua with Scribunto
  • Examples :

Local tests[edit]



I kept activ this old accounts :

  1. w:fr:Utilisateur:Aguabona and
  2. b:fr:Utilisateur:Manuel~frwikibooks wich turns SUL. I am looking for a solution to join those contributions with my current account.