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Hi,Welcome visit my personal userpage. My name is Jeff.Tomethon.Wang, you can call me Jeff or Wang. Now ,I'm working for an company whoese major business is Information Security, for instance ISO27000 SOX404 RA BIA BCP Penetration test and others. So , if you have any questions or business requirments, you can send me an email. I'll replay your email as soon as i read. Thanks, have a good jurney on Internet.

My email address:

你好,欢迎访问我的个人主页。我的名字是Jeff.Tomethon.Wang,你可以叫我Jeff或者Wang。目前任职于一家信息安全公司,公司主营业务有信息安全体系建设、风险评估、SOX404检查、安全运维服务等。 如果有您有什么问题或商业需求,可以通过邮件联系我,我会尽快给您回复。邮件地址

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