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Ziyad Alsufyani
Ziyad Alsufyani
Ziyad Alsufyani
Medical graduate
Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

About me

I'm graduated medical student from W:Saudi Arabia, I'm interested in medicine and all science and that what makes me a big enemy to pseudoscience. I live in a community most of them believe in those myths and I'm trying to change that. In addition to that I'm interesting in offline projects. I like to make new friends all the time. I started my journey on Wikipedia since 2006 when I made an article about my self :P, of course it was deleted at that time but I was interesting on how wiki works. Then I start looking for mistakes on articles and correct it. It's a pleasure when you feel that you're responsible to write correct and full information about subject and you discover that many visitors have read your work. In the same time after you searching about any subject you'll be sort of an expert in that subject and you'll get a lot of information for your self. That's what motivate me to participate on Wikipedia.

My work

Now I'm administrator on Arabic Wikipedia since 2011 I'm also an OTRS member which means I reply to email messages in Arabic language. I deal with permission request to release content (eg. images) under Creative Commons license. I help in translate content to Arabic. It's hard to find time because my field of study but I'm trying my best in balancing between study and my responsibilities here.

Contact me

  • E-mail: za.alsufyani(_AT_)gmail.org
  • xziadx on Twitter
  • xziadx on Facebook