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Hey T[edit]

Taokaka, help me understand. It seems like most of the time, you make constructive edits, but then when things don't go your way, you go on vandalism sprees and even sometimes make threats. If you truly cared about protecting the encyclopedia, (which it seems you do, I see you making reports on AIV at least once a day) then you would cut it out and start obliging the rules. Sro23 (talk) 02:55, 25 October 2017 (UTC)

Get out of here Sro23! Go bug someone else! Mine your own business and leave him alone! >=( 16:28, 26 October 2017 (UTC)

Hey man![edit]

Hey man it's Anthony, just to let you know there's a third part of the blog here: The second part of the blog got closed as well, if you have anymore issues you like to express and tell, you can go to that one now. Just to give you the heads up. 02:46, 19 March 2018 (UTC)

You know Conner, I think it's kind of our fault that Sro23 became admin. Because we predict the future, and we knew it was gonna happen someday. I already made it official, I even stated in another blog "If Sro23 ever becomes admin, I'm done!" But well... here it is. I'm not even gonna touch another WP article ever again... 2600:1000:B02F:3CCD:DD68:B796:4BE9:CE2F 00:41, 27 July 2018 (UTC)

I'm also in shock on how much support AndytheGrump keeps getting on Wikipedia and Wikipediocracy, but he's now retired from WP. Because everytime I post something new on Wikipediocracy, he keeps threatening me over and over. But I'm gonna give you a heads up, don't even join Wikipediocracy. It's basically a website that tells users that's it ok to bullies people, even the admins on there are horrible. Funny, I'm laughing because whenever Andy keeps threatening me and complaining about my posts, is just ridiculous. Because I keep face palming myself and said to myself "Dude, you don't even know me! Why would you have so much hatred of a person you don't even know!" So ya, people on the internet these days have no sense of humor these days. 2600:1000:B018:3864:D45A:6F5:A813:4550 16:49, 15 August 2018 (UTC)

The one thing I really hate the most is that the admins do nothing about the bulling issues too, It really makes me angry. Basically the reason why they don't do anything about the bulling problems is that the site is basically telling users that it's ok to bully someone, in which it is not ok at all. Like I told you about Ebyabe before too, he has been writing a whole bunch of bad stuff about me on his pics page here: If you click on the links the added in, it will bring you to the Geoffrey Lui "Why I really hate Admins" site were he shows the post I've been saying about him on there. I did tried to deleted all that myself on his talkpagepics, but I later restored it and decided not to deal about it, because it's his page and he can write what ever he wants about me. Because people are not gonna by it anyway, they medianly are already gonna know he's a jerk for writing all that stuff, because no matter what I do he continues to blame me. I will admit that I did write a threaten message to him about suing him and stuff on his Commons Wiki page here:, but I never meant it in any way only wrote all that because I was mad at him for the way he treated me. Besides that happens all the time, sometimes we will say unexpected bad things stuff to someone in an angry way but we don't really mean it at all, like I did by mistake. Like I said, we all make mistakes what ever we post on the internet and whatever write to someone on their talk page. After that, I tried to delete it and explain to him that I didn't mean it for writing all that and I told him I only said all that because I was mad. But as usual, he restored it back and didn't listen, he even said the reason why he doesn't want my comment removed is because he finds it "Amusing". I mean, seriously... who would say that!?!?!? It's freaking bulling for crying out loud. But he's the one that can not accept the fact that he's bulling and harassing me. And I have no idea why the admins don't see it!?!?!? It's just crazy.... Tells you that admins don't even care on there over whoever gets picked on and harassed. Like I said, they think it's ok to bully someone. I mean wow... people have no sense of humor these days, here is a user that doesn't even know me and yet he just continues to blame me for harassing him. Like I said, that's why Wikipedia is absolutely no good. 02:26, 23 September 2018 (UTC)