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Welcome to Meta![edit]

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 — billinghurst sDrewth 23:51, 2 October 2014 (UTC)Reply

Your requests[edit]

You filed Requests_for_comment/redundant-nudity-controversy and then a request for review of this RfC that was moved to Wikimedia_Forum/Archives/2015-09#Closure_of_old_issue, and then you again requested the user who moved that advise you.[1]. You have not received any good advice, not back in 2014, nor later, that I can see, or, more accurately, you have actually been given advice or requested to do this or that, but it was not presented to you in a way that you would understand it, apparently.

You seem to believe that the issue is the "nudity controversy." That's an error. The issue is user behavior, and specifically yours. While you were originally blocked on Commons for alleged impersonation, that was long ago resolved. You are still blocked because of your over-reaction to what happened. You filed a massive Deletion Request on Commons that was, at least largely, inappropriate. The request is at c:Commons:Deletion_requests/penis. That was a huge request, with some 649 images or so, many of which are in use on wikis. Commons will not delete pages in use on wikis, merely because they are poor quality, "potentially self-promotional" or "disgusting." That is because each wiki is independent, and Commons serves the wikis as a host for free files.

It is very common for a user whose file has been nominated to research the nominator. Then, if they see a problem, they may address it. While this might, in fact, be retaliatory in some way, that is irrelevant to Commons practice. You were blocked because an established user made credible charges of impersonation, which, with the massive DR, made you look like a troll. Your wall-of-text arguments helped not at all. Coin945, with almost no Commons experience, dove in to "help" you, completely clueless, and got himself blocked for a week, all totally predictable. That's ancient history.

The meta RfC was never appropriate. This was entirely a Commons issue, stewards and global sysops will not intervene, Commons is autonomous. Syum90 didn't look, obviously, or he'd have seen that there wasn't any global issue. Once upon a time, I'd close that RfC, but I've retired, and I'm only commenting here because I saw your comment on Quora: [2]. I extensively researched the case and reported results there. If anything is incorrect there, you may respond on Quora.

In spite of what you say at the end of that comment, you have recently indicated interest in becoming a Wikipedia administrator. As you were advised, that's not likely to fly with that Commons block standing, given the nature of it. You are also, I would note, clueless about dispute resolution process, given what you have been doing here, trying to get something done on Commons by posting on meta. Many users accumulate high edit counts without ever really engaging in conflict. (That seems to also be the case with Coin945. He flat-out didn't know what he was doing, and ignored advice from Yann. I've been warned by Yann, he will block if the advice is ignored.) I've handled issues of high controversy on Commons. No blocks there.

So if you want to be unblocked on Commons, it is very simple. Go to your Commons talk page and respond positively to INeverCry. Your response or lack of response there is what caused your previous unblock request to be declined. Read my Quora response, it mentions something never to do when requesting unblock, i.e., never attack the blocking admin. Period. The unblocking admin is irrelevant. What is relevant for an unblock is your behavior, as to the past, and your intentions, as to the future. You had a specific offer to unblock you there. INeverCry wrote (after you pinged him there about the meta RfC):

  • I don't edit Meta, and this is Commons business, so I'll address it here. All I would require to unblock you here on Commons is a simple acknowledgment that your actions were unacceptable in regard to the 650 image Penis DR, etc, and that they won't be repeated. That's it. My only interest is that this kind of damaging action won't happen again. I've acknowledged that my deletions were an absolute mistake, and that I'll make sure in future not to repeat them. I apologize for any offense I've caused you as well. If you'll reply to this comment with a simple statement addressing my concern and stating that you intend to edit Commons constructively, I'll unblock you. I think this is a reasonable and drama-free solution, and I hope you agree. INeverCry 21:46, 8 October 2014 (UTC)

The other thing never to do while blocked is to post walls of text explaining your thinking, your reasons, why you were right, and especially not why others are wrong. That long explanation as a block-evading IP on Commons:AN was just about guaranteed to seal it all. Sit on your hands if blocked. Just deal with the block, as simply as possible. Ask a blocking admin for help, is one tactic. ("What can I do here")

In this case, the blocking admin has already made the offer, which you essentially rejected.

I'm going to point out that, if you were unblocked, you could again nominate pages for deletion. I just looked, and some of the images are not in use. However, I'm not sure I'd advise it. Commons is going to have a large number of penis images, and maybe it is not your job to decide what should be kept and what should be deleted. However, what you need to understand is what your errors were there. First of all, many of the links were bad, referring to .JPG imiages when the actual images were .jpg. You did not take care to exclude images in use. And you gave improper deletion reasons then, with no caution.

I suggest instead that you think only of your possible positive use of Commons. So you have some deleted files you uploaded there. You now have OTRS verification -- which INeverCry posted to your talk page -- and if they were deleted for copyvio, they can easily be restored. But don't upload them again. Uploading a file again can be considered evasion of deletion. Instead, you would probably request undeletion, or you would request advice. If you ask for help, instead of demanding correction, you will get more mileage.

If you would like me to look at what you would want to put on that Talk page to be unblocked, I will. You can reach me through the WMF email interface, but be patient, I'm pretty busy and may not see messages immediately.

If you do post and INeverCry does not respond, you would then put up another unblock template. Resist the temptation to explain everything. Just address INeverCry's request, and if you then request unblock again, don't complain, just point to your answer. The goal is to assure a passing admin that there is no problem, so they will feel safe unblocking you.

So one more recommendation. Thank INeverCry for making that offer, and apologize for taking so long to respond to it. No big explanations, though! If you show that you can play nice, they will let you come back to the playground.

Good luck. --Abd (talk) 23:03, 5 December 2015 (UTC)Reply

thank you for taking the time to share you opinion but I do not agree with you because for all the reasons you have mentioned having already read so I won't bother debating the issue further aside from saying that I never had bad intentions. If an admin can get away with acting in such ways that they did then surely a deletion request is no reason to block. All of my responses were far more civil that how I was treated. My issue isn't the deletion request or even the unblock. I don't give a damn about unblocking anymore. What bothers me and the reason I briefly thought about trying to be an admin is the double standard and it seems that those with the authority make their own rules and disregard and enforce them only as it is convenient and amusing. David Condrey (talk) 03:53, 8 December 2015 (UTC)Reply