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@Billinghurst: I see you blanked out the page - perhaps it was because I created it as a {{User page}}? It is not intended for use in meta - it is an example of a page I could submit to Wikipedia.

I can't create this page in Wikipedia at present because I am t-banned in the Buddhism topic area. I am about to do a t-ban appeal in Wikipedia. I plan to link to this page as part of the t-ban to show the quality of my work, as part of the appeal. I can do it here because I am not t-banned in this topic on meta.

If they lift the t-ban, as I hope, then I will move this page to my user space in Wikipedia - and then propose using it on the Milarepa talk page to fix multiple issues with the current Wikipedia article.If they decline the t-ban, I will just delete it. Either way it will be here for at most a few days - however long it takes them to consider my appeal.

I think this is a valid use of meta. Do you agree? Sorry I didn't explain it properly. Thanks! Robert Walker (talk) 12:28, 10 August 2018 (UTC)

No. I do not. And pretty rude to immediately restart the page and continue.  — billinghurst sDrewth 08:02, 11 August 2018 (UTC)
Oh I was just using BRD I.e. Bold, Revert, Discuss. I was doing the second thing there, the Revert, and asking you to Discuss. Can you say a bit more about why you don't think this is a valid use of meta instead of just saying "No", so I can understand why, and based on what policies here?
Sorry if I misunderstood and BRD does not apply to this situation and again I'd appreciate a little clarification about why it doesn't apply.
I was hoping to start the t-ban appeal this morning but have to sort this out first. As I said it will only be up for as long as the appeal on Wikipedia in the WP:AN continues.
And from my side, it seems a bit rude to blank out someone's page, without first talking to them, and waiting for their response, and at least giving them a chance to copy their work somewhere else. Except in a case of obvious vandalism, which this was not. Robert Walker (talk) 12:13, 11 August 2018 (UTC)

And just to say I did check meta guidelines before creating this page. There is nothing on user space in Meta:Inclusion policy which only talks about the inclusion policy for the main space here.

The only mention of user space I can find is in the much longer Delete: this page does not belong on Meta which I know is superceded and kept for historical reasons - checking again it does list under "User space":

  • pages created by a "banned" user, after the user was banned on one wikipedia at least (usually not meta)

Which suggests such pages should be deleted. Maybe that is what the deletion is based on?? If so, this is a special case, I haven't created it in order to keep it here permanently. I created it as supporting materials for a topic ban appeal in Wikipedia which will be deleted when the conversation is over - so isn't that "meta"? Only created in connection with a current action going on in Wikipedia itself?

Anyway - if not, I suppose I have to do it somewhere else. The only place I can find suitable for referral during a t-ban appeal won't have the images and misses most of the templates and has out of date wikimedia software - but it will give an idea. Robert Walker (talk) 12:55, 11 August 2018 (UTC)

Update: I have now submitted the appeal and hosted the page instead on mediaheze which I found in a search for free wikihosting with mediacommons integration. The t-ban appeal is here Robert Walker (talk) 13:54, 11 August 2018 (UTC)