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This is essentially an attack page.

Perhaps it can do some good, at least by allowing TCNSV to air his grievances. If anyone has a concern about any issue raised on the page, my Talk page is open. I ask, however, that it not be TCNSV. He is concerned about everything, and sees nearly everything as personal and directed at him.. If anyone wishes to mediate the "dispute," offers are appreciated and welcome. There is a shortage of users who will neutrally mediate. I will address one issue, he raises it.

I spotted a pattern of crosswiki abuse here so I thought it my responsibility to report to the stewards and let them decide, not knowing that the danger had passed and being a little rusty with my knowledge of the relevant policies, then I was blasted on my talkpage by Abd, how he found out about the request I do not know.

I am not a fan of this page. You should try to resolve your disputes by discussing them. You have similar opinions on some things, why not start there? This is really close to wiki-stalking/harassment/attack page. It is much more detailed than User:Chenzw/Reports/Draubb, for example, criticizing almost everything Abd has done here. If you don't get along, maybe you should either try to, or avoid each other. PiRSquared17 (talk) 17:00, 8 February 2014 (UTC)

Great, PRS. My focus here is meta process, project coordination. My actions are directed toward improvement of function here, as well as protection of users and the independence of the individual projects. I have acknowledged TCNSV's positive contributions. What I suggest, PRS, is that you volunteer to mediate a single dispute. I was an experienced mediator on That did me no good when I was attacked, and those involved in that attack were not interested in mediation, at all, and, where it happened anyway, they ignored the results of mediation. We can see from the attached page that TCNSV sees a Huge Problem. By avoiding specifics, and by focusing on what he imagines about me, he can collect, in his mind, and on a page, a vast pile of "proof" of his thesis. It's quite visible in how he interprets that edit history. What I've seen in the past of this pattern, the person can be quite resistant to evidence, because they have such a huge pile of evidence, in their minds, as proof. I've seen each piece of the evidence be examined and dismantled, shown to be misleading, and yet the thesis stands because "there is the all the other evidence."
Underneath the thesis is "I'm right. They are wrong. I will look bad if I admit error. I must continue to believe in my rightness or I will die."
I saw a man die because he held to his beliefs like that. Every piece was defective, but ... the total, man!!! I knew him well. He was assassinated. Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean that they are not out to get you. w:Rashad Khalifa.
In my own training, rapid admission of error is considered crucial. It's just error, everyone makes mistakes. There is no blame, there are only results, so there is no need to make excuses or defend.
In this mess, I don't know what the dispute is, that would be mediatable, but one incident does come to mind, the thing that he took to the administrative request page. I called an edit of his "offensive." Was it? Was my response improper? What do all these words mean (i.e., "offensive," "improper.")? Is there some agreement we could make that would avoid disruption? I would suggest, if you are willing, that you start with simple fact. Can we agree on related facts? Without agreement on fact, agreement on interpretation ("Offensive" is an interpretation, it does not exist in the fact of his comment, in itself. It would exist in the response of others, and even more difficult to establish, in his intentions.) There are other approaches to mediation as well. Well, understood, however, is that mediation can require a lot of words. It's not necessarily "wiki." On the other hand, sometimes it is surprisingly easy.
However, I'd let him choose the issue. --Abd (talk)