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It's amusing to me that someone wanted to classify the below as vandalism. --The Cunctator (talk) 19:00, 20 January 2022 (UTC)Reply

Please help me classify, if this is a case of vandalism? Anirudh

for your list:

Bad idea: let dinosaurs (any user here more than a year) monopolize articles they have contributed to, reverting changes without discussing objections

Bad idea: force anons to log in, ignoring all benefits of anonymous authorship

Bad idea: lie about existing policies (e.g. offensive usernames), concealing the fact that some come from arbitrary sysop decisions, rationalizing instead as if the policy was made intentionally

Worse idea: "vote" for such policy statements as if the vote meant something, and using a multiple-choice single-ballot first past the post approach to such votes as if no alternative voting system was possible.

Worst idea: insulting and marginalizing those who point out any of the above, who are at present state of dinosaur evolution likely to resort to ad hominem attacks on articles about which they know nothing.

Good idea: admit that wikipedia is and will remain an idiom dictionary - that wiktionary can't take over this role entirely for complex idioms.

Good idea: involve the dinosaurs in a more mammalian discussion on voting systems, e.g. Wikipedia:WikiProject_Voting_Systems

Good idea: get both new users ("eggs") and dinosaurs to admit faults in wiki, e.g. Wikipedia:Mention_of_wiki_in_articles

Good idea: encourage new authors, i.e. steal the dinosaurs' eggs before they can turn the eggs into new dinosaurs

Bad idea: discuss any of these issues with any of the dinosaurs, at any time, best to ignore them and make eloquent objections when their behavior becomes intolerable, so that others will notice and sympathize with mammals

Good idea: get the mammals together on a few wikiprojects, and make it very difficult for dinosaurs to participate, by choosing topics that (by coincidence) they don't understand. Nature of their interventions then becomes obvious: power freaking, 'militia' oppression, IP death squads etc.

Bad idea: let the dinosaurs define 'troll' without pointing out their role in inspiring trollism and trollery and trolldom. Most of the dinosaurs are trolls in the real world, and barely hold on to not-troll status here.

Just another troll...

Come back to us Cunc you ruled so much