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Value and purpose of the Affiliate Chairpersons meetings

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Value and purpose of the Affiliate Chairpersons meetings[edit]

Initial draft was discussed and adopted during the meeting of August 12, 2017. Two lines have been added.


The chairpersons meetings are now held on a regular basis and the sessions are well attended. The next meeting is already preceded by very varied range of suggestions for subjects to be discussed, more than we can effectively cope with. So it urges us to think about the value and the purpose of these meetings.

Value and purpose of Chair meetings

  • Getting to know each other, facilitate the exchange of information between chapters.
  • Discuss movement issues; take a stand in issues that concern chapters (e.g. Movement Strategy).
  • Encourage each other in chapter development (e.g. board governance, chapter staff issues, improve board member skills).

What it is not:

  • An independent decision making body (chapter council) next to all the other entities that already exists.
  • A supervisory council that can interfere in local chapters affairs.

Added after discussion in the chairs' meeting of August 12, 2017:

  • Encouragement: Assistance during and immediately after the recognition process.
  • Interference in local chapter affairs: we can provide help, but only after a request.