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Vandalism reports Archive index
Before reporting, please take note of the following premises:
Most Wikimedia wikis are able to deal with vandalism on their own. This page is intended only for certain reports.
Reporting requirements
  • The username(s) or IP address(es) of the offenders.
  • A description of their vandalism (spamming, adding junk, removing legitimate text, etc), preferably with diffs to examples.
  • The Wikimedia wikis affected.
  • Suggestions for monitoring strategies, blocks etc.

When reporting please use informative headings like:

=== username(s), IP address ===
*{{luxotool|IP address}} <!-- for IP addresses -->
*{{sultool|Username}} <!-- for usernames -->
Description, evidence, diffs, etc. --~~~~
Note on spam
  • If the spamming is cross-wiki, malware sites, repeated or severe, please report it to the spam blacklist.
Related pages
If the username is clearly offensive, libellous or contains private information do NOT post it here. Email the private OTRS queue for stewards at or using our wiki email form.
Cross-wiki requests
Meta-Wiki requests
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Current cross-wiki vandalism[edit][edit]

Cross-wiki vandalism (Permission: [1], [2], [3]). just spamming again and again. He have made the editing war about Game of Death, Making the virtual movie like "The Game of Death" again and again. I have warned many of times, But he just follow the beaten track with his own way. Generally speaking, is the controller for the user which like USER:Charliewolf79 because of his previous convictions (English Wikipedia, Simple English Wikipedia, Cantonese Wikipedia, Chinese Wikipedia).--WKDx417 (talk) 11:15, 24 May 2016 (UTC)