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This page is about intensive vandalism on over 15 different Wikipedias. The vandal, based in Belgium, is originally from the French-language WP, where he has used around 350 different accounts. He started his vandalism in February 2007, after being banned as a problematic contributor. He is already one of the worst vandals of the French-language WP's history. From the end of March, he has also extended his vandalism to the Dutch Wikipedia. He has also been quite active there, requiring much work from several admins. More recently, he has also been moderately active on the English-language WP, and has even created vandal accounts in the Finnish-, German-, Swedish-, Italian-, Spanish-, and Romanian-language WPs. There has been one minor vandalism on Estonian-language WP. He is also active on smaller wikipedias, like Tchuvach (cv) or Maori (mi).

This vandal has various names on the different WPs. BogaertB is used in nl:, while the French often call him "MS", the first letters of his first username (fr:utilisateur:Mario scolas).

Type of activity


"Traditional vandalism" is a major problem. He is mostly targeting articles about people that he likely knows IRL, politicians from the Belgian socialist party. The main targets are Philippe Moureaux and Elio di Rupo, but dozens of them can be targeted. The vandalism can extend to all topics about Belgium, but also about race and religion. The vandalism is often violent, and many insults have to be purged by administrators.

Besides the vandalism, the person sometimes contributes normally. Besides the previous topics, he can also contribute about art (paintings, music), North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia) and South America (in particular Chile), but seldom vandalises then.

His comments in the edit summaries are often less harsh than his vandalism. Very often he uses as an edit summary a list of accounts that he has used mixed with names of dictators and of respected users and/or admins (for example, "BogaertB=Décapitation=Clem23=Olmec=Solveig=Idi Amin Dada"). He sometimes signs with what he claims to be his name, Johan Borremans. But besides the fact that vandalising Wikipedia while showing his own name may look strange, we have a lot of evidence that it leads instead to another person; this shows that this name is very likely only one more usurpation among many of this vandal.


He has possibly violated all the possible WP:POINT.

  • Creating conflict with 2 of his accounts. First this was done without any particular reason, just to provoke and mess things up. More recently, he used them to try to avoid suspicion and arranged a fight between nl:user:BogaertB and nl:user:Mario Scolas. An IP check led to one person on a network of proxies. en:user:Mario scolas has been blocked, 29/02/08)
  • Inserting copyvios, and then pointing them out on blogs critical of WP.
  • Creating fake articles or inserting fake information.
  • Creating AfDs about articles or people that he doesn't like.

Harrassment of administrators

The vandal speaks only French fluently, and can write rather poorly in Dutch, English and Spanish. Any contribution in other languages at this time have been made to harrass administrators from fr: or nl: on their accounts on other WPs. His favorite targets are the admins that have often blocked his sockpuppets on fr: and nl:. He did not hesitate to create sockpuppets on other wikis bearing the same username as those of these administrators: for example, nl:user:Olmec was created by the vandal while fr:user:Olmec is a respected administrator (note that now the nl-account has been usurped by the fr-user). His threats against these admins are tremendously violent. Promises to torture and kill them violently are very often encountered.

Main targets

Occasional targets

List of sockpuppets

1 - 9



























List of static IP-adresses used

List of dynamic IP-addresses used

Besides Belgacom IPs, he is a big fan of open proxies and Tor, and is now much more able to hide than he was at the beginning of his activity. According to some information outside WP, he sometimes asks for help from friends to create accounts (which can explain some very different IPs used for the creation of accounts that are eventually used to vandalise). There have been accounts of him vandalising with a friend while coordinated through MSN Messenger, but this has been a minor occurrence and has not been formally proved at this time.

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