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Video meeting recommendations

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Orientation guide to successfully lead and participate in a video meeting conference call (based on the experiences with IRC meetings)

Before you start
  • Send out an agenda and and say who is in charge of a specific discussion point.
  • Assign a moderator for the conference call. For some meetings it could be useful to assign another person for writing a summary.
  • Check the number of participants. Some platforms have a limit.
During the call
  • The moderator welcomes the participants and introduces the agenda. (If the participants don't know each other start with a round of introductions)
  • Continue with the first item on your agenda and ask the person who is responsible for a brief presentation on the topic. That way you make sure everybody is on the same page.
  • Create an action plan: Whenever you talk about new duties make sure that its clear who is responsible for this and what the timeline is. If you can't find someone note this in a summary and keep track.
After the meeting
  • Send a summary of the discussion results to the participants and invite them to improve it or publish a log on a Wiki page to share the results with your community.

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