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This User Group is a proposal for becoming a Wikimedia User Group

Vikidia is a children encyclopedia created by Wikipedians from all around the world to address lack of content adapted for children in the Wikimedia movement. The Vikidia encyclopedias are written for children by children AND adults. It was created more than 10 years ago and it has 10 linguistic versions with dynamic communities that, for most of them, also contribute in other Wikis of the movement.

For most young contributors, Vikidia is the first step into the wiki world, before starting to write on Wikipedia and sisters.

Like on Wikipedia, some teachers use Vikidia to show their pupils how to contribute to a wiki.


  • Enhance the reading and writing of children wikis.
  • Encourage the use of the free children encyclopedias.
  • Give visibility to children wikis.

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Mission aligned with Wikimedia Foundation[edit]

In Italy we are collaborating with it.wikiversity, quite all the members of Vikidia Italian Group are memberes of Wikimedia italy and contribute to wikiversity, most of all in middle school section. Our focus is to train the pupils in Vikidia to become productive members of wikipedia, wikiversity, wikivoyage and so on.

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In Italy[edit]

In Italy we work a lot in the schools with courses for students and teachers.

This is what we have written in Italian where we explain how we work in the schools.

We are quoted in PPSD (Piano Provinciale Scuola Digitale della Provincia Autonoma di Trento)

We (Paolo, Valeria and I) have taught in some teachers training courses about Vikidia and Wikiversity.

For the next school year we have already planned two big courses for pupils (30 hours each one) in I.C. Rovereto-Isera and we are organizing new teachers training courses.

We'll talk about Vikidia and Wikiversity on next 14th september at Didatticaaperta. On the September 15th we'll do two workshops for pupils and teachers.

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