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وزيوئل ايڊيٽر/نيوزليٽر/2019/جولاءِ

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This page is a translated version of the page VisualEditor/Newsletter/2019/July and the translation is 54% complete.

Editing News #1—July 2019

ھي ٻئي ٻوليءَ ۾ پڙھوھن گھڻ ٻولي نيوزليٽر فھرست لاءِ سبسڪرپشن

ڇا توھان ڄاڻو ٿا؟

ڇا توھان کي خبر آھي تب توھان وزيوئل ايڊيٽر کي موبائل ڊوائس تي استعمال ڪري سگھو ٿا؟

ھر مضمون جي مٿان ھڪ پينسل آئڪن ھوندو آھي. پينسل آئڪن تي ٺِڙِڪ ڪري سنوارڻ شروع ڪريو.

سنوار ڪارڊز

Toolbar with menu opened

ھي نئون ”ايڊٽنگ ڳنڍڻن لاءِ سنوار ڪارڊ“ موبائل وزيوئل ايڊيٽر ۾ ڪيئن نظر ايندو پروٽوٽائپ کي توھان ھتي آزمائي سگھو ٿا: 📲 آزمايو ايڊٽ ڪارڊ.

نيوزليٽر ايڊٽنگ ۾ ٻيھر ڀليڪار.

Since the last newsletter, the team has released two new features for the mobile visual editor and has started developing three more. All of this work is part of the team's goal to make editing on mobile web simpler.

Before talking about the team's recent releases, we have a question for you:

Are you willing to try a new way to add and change links?

If you are interested, we would value your input! You can try this new link tool in the mobile visual editor on a separate wiki.

Follow these instructions and share your experience:

📲 سنوار ڪارڊ آزمايو.

Recent releases

The mobile visual editor is a simpler editing tool, for smartphones and tablets using the mobile site. The Editing team recently launched two new features to improve the mobile visual editor:

  1. ڀاڱو سنوارڻ
    • The purpose is to help contributors focus on their edits.
    • The team studied this with an A/B test. This test showed that contributors who could use section editing were 1% more likely to publish the edits they started than people with only full-page editing.
  2. لوڊنگ اوورلي
    • The purpose is to smooth the transition between reading and editing.

Section editing and the new loading overlay are now available to everyone using the mobile visual editor.

New and active projects

This is a list of our most active projects. Watch these pages to learn about project updates and to share your input on new designs, prototypes and research findings.

اهو منصوبو سکندو آهي ته حصو ڏيندڙ ڪامياب ٿي ويندا آهن جڏهن ته ايڊٽويئر ڊو ھي رِٿا (منصوبو) سکندو تہ جيڪڏھن ڀاڱيدار سوڀارا ٿيندا جڏھن سنوار ڪرڻ وارا اوزار (ايڊٽنگ ٽولز) سڃاڻڻ ۾ سولائي ٿي پوندي.

اڳيان نھارڻ

  • وڪيمينيا: سنوار/ايڊٽنگ ٽيم جا ڪيترائي رڪن وڪيمينيا آگسٽ 2019 ۾ شرڪت ڪندا اھي موبائل ايڊٽنگ بابت ڪميونٽي اسرڻ خلا ۾ ھڪ سيشن جي سرواڻي ڪندا. سنوار ڪيئن بھتر ٿي سگھندي، ٽيم سان ڳالھايو.
  • ڳالھ ٻولھ صفحا: ايندڙ مھينين ۾، ترميم ڪندڙ ٽيم[[[mw:Talk pages consultation 2019| ڳالھ ٻولھ (بحث) صفحن کي بھتر بڻائڻ لاءِ]]] ۽ وڪيز تي رابطا شروع ڪندي.

وڌيڪ سکندا

The VisualEditor on mobile is a good place to learn more about the projects we are working on. The team wants to talk with you about anything related to editing. If you have something to say or ask, please leave a message at Talk:VisualEditor on mobile.

PPelberg (WMF) (talk) & Whatamidoing (WMF) (talk)