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  • When: February 22, 2015. 4pm GMT
  • Where: Online, potentially on Skype (add Muriel6187 if you would like to join)
  • Topic: Infrastructure for sharing among Wikimedia Volunteer Supporters

Previous Meetings[edit]

Etherpad: [1]

Logical models[edit]


Participants: Fabian, Muriel, Raimund (for a while), Lodewijk

  • Infrastructure for sharing among Wikimedia Volunteer Supporters
    • Sum up what resources already exist (what has been sent on mailing-list, what else exists etc.)
      • Community & Volunteer Support Conference
      • Logic Models from WMAT (Input Fabian)

https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Logic_Model_WikiTuesday.pdf https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Logic_Model_Photo_Contest.pdf https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Learning_patterns/The_pre-jury_as_a_tool_for_community_engagement

4 Different categories how we can share between different organizations regarding the support of volunteers:

a) Approaches (theories, general -> f.ex. what Fabian shared)

b) Learnings: learning patterns (mean to share), Logic models

c) Materials Printable material available for volunteers, reusable documents, schemes etc.

d) People (with specific core competences, overviews, contacts) that can either train other people or do a specifi job themselves

Logic models from WMAT very useful

    • Conclude which (existing!) platforms are suitable to share these resources

a) Approaches

->Volunteer Strategy Gathering 2nd gathering postponed till later in the year
Link to relevant pages and activity reports to create horizontal ways of accessing them (e.g. reports concerning volunteer support) -> and reuse for Conference


b) Learnings

-> learning patterns -> Meta
-> Logic models -> Wikimedia Commons, but link/include in metapage
--> Category: Volunteer Supporters Network Learning Patterns
--> Category: Volunteer Supporters Network Logic Models
--> Collect these links on META VSN Page

c) Materials

->Printable material shared on commons with link on meta, in open formats as well as pdfs
-> give context! But also a contact for more information.

Process: Suggestion of interesting materials and then agree on the most important ones -> curation of material

d) People

-> There are alrady existing lists that might be of value -> people offering specific competences
-> overview about available skills

Mid-/longterm aim (supply driven)

- Reflecting on own activities
- Providing resources for other Volunteer Supporters
- Common Reflecting on all our activities
- Improve our activities
- Positively encourage other people to use the material

-> Decide on to-do’s and responsibilities until the next Call

  • Overwork today's minutes -> Give exemples for these categories, make it more practical and summarize the different sections etc. (Raimund & Muriel)
  • Share with the rest of the Volunteer Supporter Network and let them provide their input
  • Wikimedia Conference
    • Raimund & Nahid are attending

Next call on March 29