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Volunteer Supporters Network

This year the Volunteer Supporters Network will be contributing to the Movement Strategy and supporting implementation of several Wikimedia 2030 goals. All activities will be a part of the VSN 2022 grant curated by Wikimedia Austria and Wikimedia Poland. Lear more about our 2022 initiatives below!

Regular skill-share meetups[edit]

There is a lot of important knowledge around volunteer support already present in the movement. And we hope to make it more accessible!

In 2022 we plan to organize a series of workshops and skillshare meetups around everything VS related. The meetings will open to the whole community, not just the VSN, and will be organized by different network members.

Check our meeting page to see what are the upcoming events and sign in to the ones you are interested in!

Wikidata competition[edit]

Wikidata competition is a global editing campaign that has been happening around the International Museum Day since 2020. While the previous editions were mostly Central Europe centered, this year the VSN is helping the competition to become more global and accessible also for the underrepresented communities.

We will provide “service packages” for interested affiliates and communities which include organizational and technical support as well as prizes for 3 communities without a budget for such a competition.

Learn more about the campaign!

Wikipedia ambassadors[edit]

By 15 November 2022, a global concept for an "ambassadors program" will be published. The idea behind the ambassadors program is to give the experienced, competent volunteers tools which can support them in organizing and maintaining different corporations and connections between the movement and institutions.

VSN as a test hub[edit]

VSN is a stable, yet flexible structure with a longtime history of regular cooperation around community support. We share knowledge, resources and we organize activities together. Which makes the VSN a hub-like or pre-hub entity.

In 2022 the Network will experiment with this concept, acting as an existing hub until the end of the year, working on more activities, internal development and building even more cooperation between affiliates in the VSN.

At the end of November 2022 we will prepare a report in which we will share the results of our experiment which will be helpful to all emerging hubs.