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WALRUS/October 2016

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Date and time


Per the Doodle poll, we are meeting on Thursday, October 27 at 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern.

Zoom videoconference information


Getting set up with Zoom


Topic: October 2016 US Wikimedians' Online Meeting

Time: Oct 27, 2016 9:00 PM (GMT-4:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/535330675

Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll): +16465588656,535330675# or +14086380968,535330675#

Or Telephone:

Dial: +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) or +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll)
Meeting ID: 535 330 675
International numbers available: https://zoom.us/zoomconference?m=Zt1Et5ZkcGgI0UWmuvOwkXUQ0U3-qekR

Chair & secretary for this month



  • 0:00-0:15 - "One minute updates" from each chapter and user group.
please check-off groups which have a representative giving an update

Tabled agenda items


(If there is time at the end of the meeting, anyone can pick up one of these items for discussion)

  • Website for Wikimedia US Coalition
  • Health & Medicine programs
  • Wiki Loves Earth and other photography competitions
  • Art + Feminism
  • Legal activism and civil liberties
  • Privacy
  • Copyright
  • Freedom of panorama
  • Orphaned works
  • Technical developments
  • QR codes
  • Wikimedia mobile apps and mobile web
  • Wikidata and referencing
  • Government agencies and NGOs with mission alignment (ex. National Archives, state and local governments, history societies, Red Cross, Consumer Reports, UNESCO, NASA)
  • Grants:IdeaLab/Cameras for Commons photographers
  • GLAM-US coordination and/or "GLAM-Wiki Consortium", possibly an intern, contract, or part-time position
  • Requesting the www.wikimedia.us domain from WMF
  • Collaboration with public broadcasters such as PBS, NPR, and BBC America, and public-interest broadcasters such as C-SPAN

Meeting minutes


Shared meeting notes

"One minute updates" from each chapter and user group.
  • Kirill (Wikimedia DC): Lots of stuff! Annual planning. Usual edit-a-thons, workshops, etc.
  • Cliff (Vanderbilt): With Richard's help, looking to form a user group! Just had a natural architecture edit-a-thon. More events (e.g. women in science edit-a-thon) coming.
  • Kevin / SuperHamster (Ohio): Wikipedia Connection @ OSU continuing to hold workshops and edit-a-thons (UN and Wikipedia Asian Month). Ohio Wikimedians slowly growing.
  • L235: Working with local institutions. Inspired after WikiConference!
  • Richard (NY): Lots of activities, photo contests and Latin American collaboration; looking forward to future WAM and Science events next month.
  • Brett (Cascadia): Several people @ WikiConference. Making progress in Cascadia; hoping to present to academia and get instructors on-board with Wikimedia.
  • Rosie (Women in Red): Lots of stuff going on with Women in Red. Working with Wikipedia Asian Month next month, along with Food & Drink and Writers. May work with Science. Also working on creating a new user group: WikiConference North America User Group.
  • Sydney: Also working with the planned WikiConference North America User Group. Annual plan grants; Art+Feminism and Wikimedia DC are going through the process. Take a look at the proposals and give feedback!
  • Niki (San Francisco): Involved a bit with Wiki Salons. Will talk later about Wiki Loves Monuments in the United States.
  • James Udon (San Diego): Looking to restart edit-a-thons in the San Diego Library. Dr. Mel is talking to Hall of Champions to host event in October - may be called WikiConference SoCal, Open Knowledge Conference, etc. Aim to bring in more non-Wikimedian open knowledge groups. Lots of people that are potential editors - and vice versa!
  • Abhishek (New Englang User Group / Boston): Happy to talk to everyone after WikiConference. Boston Meetups ongoing.
  • Brian Henry (Cascadia Wikimedians UG) - Returned to make remarks
    • Ambassadorship via WikiEdu - dashboard, training, how to engage UW graduate class taught by Benjamin "Mako" Hill
    • Paid editing discussions - WT:PAID is active now, how to handle anonymous paid editors who do not disclose their status?
      • WT:HARASSMENT wound down 19 October - no new policy forged
      • Attended William Beutler's talk "The Other Side of COI: Volunteer Response to Professional Contributors" at WIkiConference N.A. in San Diego (coauthor Andrew Lih) and discussed some issues with him offline.
      • Upcoming in Signpost - inappropriate anon editing from national parliament (Australia)
  • Julie (Los Angeles): Pretty active local Facebook group is ongoing. Pine suggests joining forces with San Diego people.
  • Andrew Lih: Not much in addition to what others have covered.
  • Mary Mark: Hosted edit-a-thon. Planning for next year's GLAM activities.
  • Greg V (WMF Communications): Here to help affiliates. If you're active in communications, join the communications committee! Things in active development. New Communications Resource Center (CRC) feeds in to the over-reaching resource hub in development. Feel free to ping for future discussions.
  • Peaceray (Cascadia): Others provided sufficient updates on Cascadia.
  • James Hare (Wikimedia DC): No update at this time.
"LearnWiki" video tutorial project - Pine
  • Public update will be sent out to talk pages within a week.
  • If you're interested in video projects or the training of new users, Pine would love to hear from you.
Wiki Loves Monuments (US Page) - Niki & Kevin (SuperHamster)
  • Niki:
    • More than 11,000 submissions! Interested in the reason for high submission count...gap since last event? Kevin's upload tool?
    • New judging tool, Montage, is very user friendly.
    • Third (last) round of judging just started. Winners will be announced soon!
    • At a WikiSalon last month in San Francisco, Niki did a recorded demo on uploading images to the Commons, leading to some more WLM participation. Let's discuss getting groups doing similar events across the country - and this can connect to Pine's video project.
  • Pine: The Android Commons app has been abandoned for several years. Someone has submitted an IEG to revamp the application; Pine is coordinated with her for Commons-focused onboarding.
  • Kevin: Wiki Loves Earth next year. Let's start planning soon! Richard mentions some New Yorkers are interested.
  • Niki: For WLM, Kalev Leetaru noted the Internet Archives' collection of millions of public domain photos and art, many of which may be elligible for WLM and Wiki Loves Earth, especially. Let's consider that for future events.
  • Richard: NYC has spinoff photo competitions. Open House New York 2016 happened last week. 1,220 uploads of sites that aren't generally open.
WikiConference North America 2016 recap and reflections - Rosiestep and others
  • Recap:
    • Cascadia was originally interested in hosting, though the ball stopped moving. Dr. Mel then suggested San Diego. Organizers came together, organized over the months, and...success!
    • Over 300 participants, 50 scholarships, 4 keynoters, and 4 edit-a-thons.
    • Overall good feedback. Fun, engaged, learning, collaboration, and more.
    • There will be a survey sent out to get formal feedback from participants.
WikiConference North America User Group application - Rosiestep
  • Idea: Creating a user group for WikiConference North America organizing.
    • Application has been written and submitted to the Affiliates Committee.
    • Rosie predicts several events each year under the user group's umbrella.
    • Will be open for help! Looking for organizers, sponsors...lots to look forward to and build.
WikiConference North America 2017
  • Feedback is important - let's get ideas for next years, including venue ideas!
    • Thinking and planning is already starting.
    • May be in October, even November. Veteran's Day Weekend?
    • Attendees should fill out the upcoming post-conference survey.
  • Balboa Park & San Diego Public Library already wants to do it next year. Maybe they can host their own WikiConference SoCal.
    • Communication between San Diego and the national conference needs to happen. Let's make sure efforts are not duplicated and plans are clear.
    • Concerned about messaging to public - SD Public Library, Balboa Park - "join us next year" / but who is talking?
      • It may appear to be same crew … problematic …
    • San Diego Public Library is interested in more public events - such as reaching out to the great open knowledge movement.
  • Pine asks what's going on with WikiMania 2017 in Montreal? There was previous discussion of not hosting WikiConference NA in 2017 due to overlap.
    • Sydney and Andrew:
      • Both will still happen. Skipping a year may stiffle progress.
      • WikiConference NA can attract a large group of North Americans, especially when Wikimania scholarships are global. WikiConference NA also has partners that provider scholarships (WikiEdu).
      • Might be a matter of moving the WikiConference forward or back; probably in October, maybe November.