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A network of users of public data + open knowledge, working together to give back to Wikidata.

A group (think archiveteam) of people processing open knowledge from WP and WD, and learning how to contribute updates or revisions back at scale.

Examples include: academic research groups analyzing open knowledge, who want their revised authority files to improve their sources;

major knowledge graphs that clean up, disambiguate, deconflict, and recontextualize knowledge from many sources, and want to share their patches in a way that is usable on the wikis.



Exploring ways to close loops of reuse in the world of open knowledge.

Learning from and expanding successful examples of bulk imports, corrections, and tagging/classifying/annotating existing entities and articles.

Conference call


We have a call every other Wednesday, currently at 1:30pm (US)Pacific Time / 4:30 (US)Eastern Time, to discuss current projects and challenges to update Wikidata at scale.

Open to all, public notes, sometimes invited guests talking about their work.



Feel free to add yourself below:

And join our mailing list wikiloop-coalition to subscribe to conversations and calendar invite.