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WLAf 2015/Proposal by Ghana

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Proposal for Wiki Loves Africa in 2015

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WLAF 2015 GHANA[edit]

Below highlights the proposal from the Ghana team towards the the 2015 WLAF campaign.

Measures of Success[edit]

  • Number of participants : At least 20
  • Number of photos to be uploaded: At least a 1000
  • Number of new users: 10
  • 4 months after the contest, 100 - 200 of photos are used on other wiki projects
  • 4 months after the event, 10 - 20 of uploaded photos are categorized as valued, quality or featured

Possible Programs[edit]

  • Press Launch via hard and social media
  • Travelling to at least one to two traditional festivals to gather pictures of african ornaments.
  • Partnering with art markets and galleries to gather pictures on the theme.
  • Liaising with vocational institutions to capture both pictures and videos of making such adornments, may lead to writing articles on them.
  • 2-4 upload sessions during the entire project phase. (will enable contributors to convene and plan towards the project while providing an avenue to easily upload pictures through fast 4g LTE internet services)
  • Online campaign dubbed #proudafrican #iwearafrica #wlaf
  • 1-2 Photowalks to gather random pictures on the theme
  • African Fashion Show/Fair
  • Photowalk at Koforidua Jackson's Park. There's cultural market every Thursday or so.

Core Team Members[edit]

  • Felix Nartey - Project Manager
  • Raphael Berchie - Asst. Project Manager
  • Bright Ayisi - Project Coordinator (Photo/Video)
  • Aja Mahmoud - Organizer
  • Zita Ursula Zage - Ass. Organizer
  • Andrews Lartey - Marketing (online/offline)
  • Masssly

List of possible targets for local funding /Partners[edit]

  • GTP (funds sponsor)
  • Tetteh Plahar Designs (Display works)
  • Soul Beads (Display Beads)
  • Goethe Institut (Venue)
  • Joyce Ababio* (Fashion Designer)
  • Ahoma* (Fashion Designer)
  • Afromod (Fashion Designer)
  • Fashionista (Vlogger/Photographer)
  • Ameyaw Debrah, etc. (Blogger)
  • 4Syte TV (Media partner)
  • Yfm (Media partner)

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