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WLE 2015 Writing Contest/en

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WLE 2015 Writing Contest
November 7 - December 6, 2015


The contest for editing articles of natural landscapes of Spain and Portugal is organized by Wikimedia España and Wikimedia Portugal, and is part of the international photo contest Wiki Loves Earth held in May 2015. We seek to create items of Sites of Community Importance and elements contained in them, and to use photographs that have been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons during the last edition of the contest Wiki Loves Earth.

All you have to do to join this contest is to add your username below with a link to your home language userpage; then, when you create or improve pages in any language, come back here and add a link to each page under your name, with the score you claim. To register... follow the format of the Example below. Also take a look at our scoring system below.


Here are the rules
  • The writing challenge will run from 00:01 November 7 until 23:59 December 6 2015 (CET UTC+01:00), so only the work done between these dates will be included in the contest.
  • You get points by improving (writing, expanding, translating, but not automatically) Wikipedia or Wikivoyage articles (no lists). Each participant's goal is to gain as many points as possible.
  • +1 point for each +1,000 bytes of added content in any language.
  • +1 point for each new translation of an article in any language.
  • +1 point for using, in an article in any language, an image from WLE 2015 in Spain and Portugal. The images are in this category for Spain and this for Portugal.
  • +1 point for each new Wikidata element in any language.
  • Everybody can collaborate in any language by writing and/or translating articles about natural landscapes in Spain and Portugal, or elements from them (mountains, rivers, forests, etc). The landscapes that participate in the contest are the same as those in Wiki Loves Earth in Spain and Portugal; the complete list is in this website. Any Wikipedian with a named account on any wiki can participate. To participate, sign up on the Participants section.
  • There will be a special prize for the contestant with the most points in languages of Spain (Aragonese an, Asturian ast, Basque eu, Catalan ca, Extremaduran ext, Galician gl, Occitan oc, Mirandese mwl, Portuguese pt, and Spanish es).
  • If you add 3,600 bytes of content to an existing article, you get 3 points.
  • If you translate an article into Turkish and it is 4,050 bytes long, you get 5 points: 1 point for starting a new article and 4 for its extension.
  • If you add 3,600 bytes of wikitext (templates, refs, citations) to an existing article, you get 3 points.

New editors

If you are a new editor of Wikipedia, first of all, welcome! We suggest that you take a look at Wikipedia:Translation and the en:Wikipedia:Introduction. That will make it easier to get going! When you start writing, the Manual of Style might be of help. All these pages are available in many languages. When you visit them, please have a look at the left side (under "Languages") and see if they exist in your language as well. Also, nowadays it is much easier to contribute to Wikipedia than ever before and you don't really have to learn any code! Please have a look at Wikipedia:VisualEditor for more information.

Sources of information and resources[edit]

Contest details
Help desk
If you have any questions about this writing challenge, please add them to our talk page

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User:Example (French userpage and talkpage)[edit]

  1. es:Concatedral_de_Santa_María_(Castellón) (1 point)
  2. tr:Burgos Katedrali (5 points)

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