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Wikimedia CH is the local Wikimedia chapter covering Switzerland. It was founded on May 14, 2006. See our bylaws here.

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Reach us[edit]


Contact us at

Lending photography material

Page on Commons

Mailing list

Mailing list for Wikimedians in Switzerland at wikimediach-l


Catch us directly on our freenode IRC channel #wikimedia-ch


Become a fan of Wikimedia CH at


Follow our tweets at @WikimediaCH

Postal address 
Wikimedia CH
8008 Zürich


Current Board[edit]

May 25, 2018 and later

  • Bagawathram Maheswaran, President & Treasurer
  • Mauro Cassina, Board member
  • Michael Gasser, Board member
  • Muriel Staub, Vice-President
  • Matthias Heck, Board member
  • Neko Rama, Board member


Permanent Position[edit]

Executive director

GLAM Program & Partnership Manager (Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums)

Community Liaison and Press contact for Italian-speaking Switzerland

Community Liaison for German-speaking Switzerland

Community Liaison for French-speaking Switzerland

Outreach & Program Communication Manager

Manager Admin / HR / Finances

Finance and HR Officer

Temporary Staff[edit]





Wikimedia CH publishes monthly Newsletters in 3 official Swiss languages and in English.

Past events[edit]

Photos of past Wikimedia events and meet-ups in Switzerland are available here.

Participative calendar[edit]

This participative calendar can be updated by the staff as well as the volunteers, and aims at showing the events going in all of Switzerland, regardless of language.


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