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„How can the representation of geoinformation be improved?“ was chosen as the winner in the Survey Technical Wishes 2020. This means the Technical Wishes team will spend two years on this topic and tackle various problems within it.


Many encyclopedic topics have a geographic reference, which is represented in articles using maps or coordinates. However, the handling of Geoinformation is currently often cumbersome, and the information is also not displayed satisfactorily - for example, because the content is not updated or the maps lack functionality.

Comment Team Technical Wishes: Improving maps was already the number 1 wish in the international survey (Community Wishlist 2017). As a result, the MediaWiki extension Kartographer has been greatly improved.

Status and next steps[edit]

The status of the work in this topic is always visible on this page. Important milestones are also announced.

  • As a first step, the research for problems and needs is currently running. Therefore, everyone is invited to collect, structure, develop and discuss problems, wishes and ideas here.